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Dylan Schiemann

Profile page created Apr 28, 2010

CEO at Living Spec, Co-founder Dojo, Co-founder HalfStack, Former CEO at SitePen.


Dylan is an established presence in the JavaScript, TypeScript, and open source communities. Dylan was co-founder and CEO at SitePen for nearly 20 years, helping build some of the world's most advanced web applications. Dylan is now CEO at Living Spec, a startup looking to change the way teams collaborate to define and create products and projects. Dylan’s current open-source initiatives include guiding development on Intern and modern Dojo. Dylan was the co-founder of the Dojo Foundation prior to its merger with the jQuery Foundation to later form the Open JS Foundation. Dylan also helps organize the HalfStack conference series and TSConf. Dylan enjoys yoga and traveling and sharing his experience at conferences around the world.


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